A thumb drive style hardware wallet for storing multiple cryptocurrencies, including ADA and Cardano tokens, in cold storage.

Wallets stored on the Ledger family of devices, three in total, can be access through the Ledger Live desktop and mobile app (Android and iOS). Users can send, receive, and store, their ADA, cardano tokens, and NFTs on their Ledger.

Ledger devices are locked by a user set pin.

There are three models of ledger, the Ledger Nano S was the original, and now seems to be being phased out and replaced with the Ledger Nano S Plus. There is also the higher-end Ledger Nano X which has bluetooth connectivity allowing you to use your phone to manage your cold storage wallet.

Buy, Sell, and Exchange Crypto

Users of a Ledger hardware wallet, through the Ledger Live app, have access to 3rd parties where they can buy and sell various cryptocurrencies, including Cardano. There is an integrated 3rd party dApp for DeFi however, it doesn’t yet support Cardano.


staking for some cryptos are possible in the Ledger Live app however staking Cardano can only be done by connecting it to a 3rd party Cardano wallet which does support staking. This is a simple and straight forward process.

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