Gero Wallet

A browser-based, light wallet that can interact with dApps that has plans to be a one-stop-shop for interacting with DeFi.

GeroWallet is available on the Chrome Web Store and is compatible with all Chrome based browsers, such as Brave. Users can connect this browser extension wallet to any website or web app that has integrated it (see partnerships below) and seamlessly interact with the Cardano blockchain and the programs and protcols built on top of it i.e. dApps.

Users can have up to 8 wallets in the GeroWallet browser extension, with each wallet being customizable in color, allowing the user to easily differentiate between them. Wallets on the GeroWallet platform can:

  • Sending, storing, and receiving ADA, NFTs, and tokens
  • Viewing NFTs
  • Delegating ADA to a stake pool
  • Purchasing ADA with fiat (via a linked 3rd party)

The GeroWallet functions as an ecosystem and this ecosystem is managed by a token $GERO. This token can be used for:

  • Staking To receive a share of the platform fees collected from services, e.g. swaps, provided through wallet integrations.
  • Staking To appropriate tiers to get reduced fee rates for services offered in the wallet.
  • Staking Stake enough tokens to access a premium tier and unlock several features including: wallet analytics, tracking, and alert mechanisms.
  • Governance Use tokens to vote on the future direction of the wallet and parameters pertaining to its use, such as fee and reward amounts.

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