Gero Wallet

A non-custodial, light wallet with plans to add functionalities beyond interacting with dApps and the sending, receiving, storing, and staking of ADA.

Gero wallet is currently working in BETA, but many of its features are under development and set to be released once Smart Contracts are live on the Cardano mainnet.

Currently this light wallet allows users to send, store, stake, and receive ADA, as well as to integrate and interact with Cardano dApps. Future functionalities will make up a suite of DeFi tools within the wallet and these will include:

  • Cross chain swapping (Ethereum and Cardano)
  • Fiat crypto purchasing
  • Hardware wallet plugins
  • Margin trading of synthetic assets

The Gero wallet functions as an ecosystem and this ecosystem is managed by a token. This token is the currency used for all transaction fee payments for Cardano that are conducted through the Gero wallet. It is necessary to use the wallet and can be used in 4 other ways:

  • Staking: To receive a share of the platform fees collected from services, e.g. swaps, provided through wallet integrations.
  • Staking: To appropriate tiers to get reduced fee rates for services offered in the wallet.
  • Staking: Stake enough tokens to access a premium tier and unlock several features including: wallet analytics, tracking, and alert mechanisms.
  • Governance: Use tokens to vote on the future direction of the wallet and parameters pertaining to its use, such as fee and reward amounts.

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