A gamified web-wallet with multiple unique feature yet to be found in other Cardano wallets.

GameChanger is planning to do exactly what their name says and their stated goal is:

Let’s turn Cardano into the cryptocurrency of the web.

In GameChangers web-wallet the balance is turned into a gamified inventory and assets are viewable in a showcase. The platform is currently in alpha but there is a live testnet version of the wallet where users can test the functionalities being built into it.

GameChanger wallet can do the same thing as most Cardano wallets:

  • Send, receive and store ADA, Native Tokens, and NFTs
  • Create wallets
  • Import wallets using mnemonic phrases

It also has some unique functionalities that other wallets currently don’t, such as:

  • Bulk payments, made up of an assortment of ADA, NFTs, and Native Tokens, where users can send any combinations of the above to several address
  • An NFT minting service which users can use to run NFT drops if they so wish
  • A Playground where developers and advanced users can build and test dApp connectors using the cardano-cli library before deploying them live