A gamified wallet featuring and open source code allowing developers to connect their dApps to the wallet.

GameChanger is planning to do exactly what their name says and their stated goal is:

Let’s turn Cardano into the cryptocurrency of the web.

In GameChanger's non-custodial web-wallet users are required to enter their unique wallet name and their mnemonic in order to access their wallet. The wallet's inventory is gamified and assets are viewable in a showcase, designed to show them in their best light. Users of GameChanger wallet can:

  • Send, receive and store ADA, NFTs, and tokens
  • MInt NFTs
  • Create bulk payments, made up of an assortment of ADA, NFTs, and Native Tokens. Sending any combinations of the above to several address.

GameChanger wallet also features a playground where developers and advanced users can build and test dApp connectors using the cardano-cli library before deploying them live. A simple dApp connector has been open sourced here.

GameChanger also offers a version of their wallet on the Cardano Testnet

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