• Mehen

    Cardano native stablecoin backed 1:1 by US-dollar-denominated assets. Earnings from these assets will be used to fund projects building the future of Cardano.

    Mehen, Cardano DeFi.
  • Djed

    An algorithmic, crypto-backed stablecoin, run by a smart contract that acts like an autonomous bank. Developed by IOG and Emurgo and issued by COTI.

    Djed, Cardano DeFi.
  • AdaDao

    A DeFi protocol on Cardano blockchain which facilitates the creation of fully collateralized stable coins leveraging Native Cardano Assets.

    AdaDao, Cardano DeFi.
  • Ardana

    An over-collateralized, stablecoin-based protocol offering a multi-asset pool DEX and enabling borrowing against over-collateralized assets.

    Ardana, Cardano DeFi.
  • LiqwidX

    A decentralized borrowing protocol accepting ADA as deposits for over-collateralized loans issued as a stablecoin that is algorithmically pegged to USD.

    LiqwidX, Cardano DeFi.
  • COTI

    A block-less payment solution for creating your own payment network. Issuing payment and DeFi solutions for Cardano.

    COTI, Cardano DeFi.
  • Indigo

    Through the over collateralized minting of, fungible “iAssets”, a.k.a. synthetics, Indigo wants to level the playing field of the financial world.

    Indigo, Cardano DeFi.