Cardano Rug Pull

Rug Pull

  • Hoskinsea

    A proposed NFT marketplace on Cardano.

    Hoskinsea, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • ADA Fractals

    All fractals are on-chain minted, interact-able and zoomable. You can have many NFTs in one, just zoom into different parts of the fractal and screenshot!

    ADA Fractals, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    ADA Fractals
  • Orbis

    A layer 2, scaling solution using zkSNARK rollups. Increasing transaction throughput whilst keeping all three part of the scalability trilema intact.

    Orbis, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Ruggy Token

    Ruggy token is a new rug on Cardano.

    Ruggy Token, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Ruggy Token
  • Verafy

    An invite-only, proprietary trading protocol. Stake-to-earn $VERA and/or fractionalize blue-chip NFTs within our DAO.

    Verafy, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • TouristA

    "Charles visits the world NFTs".

    TouristA, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • ADA Cyber Humans

    An NFT project with the goal of developing a meta-verse play-to-earn game.

    ADA Cyber Humans, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    ADA Cyber Humans
  • Rocketpad

    An IDO platform and a project accelerator, designed to leverage DeFi innovations on Cardano Ecosystem.

    Rocketpad, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Ada Chicks

    An NFT collection released in series featuring unique chick wearing various outfits and accessories.

    Ada Chicks, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Ada Chicks
  • WonderWhale

    A NFT collection with staking rewards, exclusive events, other utilities designed to benefit long-term holders.

    WonderWhale, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • MeowSwap

    A DEX proposing a layer 2 solution to remove computational work from the main chain to significantly increase transaction speed.

    MeowSwap, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Breast of Cardano

    Unique NFTs painted by breasts. 13% of all proceeds from NFT sales are said to be donated to breast cancer research.

    Breast of Cardano, Cardano Project Graveyard.
    Breast of Cardano
  • piXelTC

    NFTs aiming to bring attention to the topic of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy. Donating a portion of funds raised to further research in this field.

    piXelTC, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • MoonRock

    1815 MoonRock NFT will exist each with different elemental traits. Some will be more valuable than others and all will generate rewards relative to their value.

    MoonRock, Cardano Project Graveyard.
  • Stigma

    An NFT card collection based around an alternative reality where the Roman Empire never fell.

    Stigma, Cardano Project Graveyard.