eLearningDAO is a DAO focused on decentralised e-Learning. It supports and coordinates the development of a new open-source decentralised e-Learning platform.



  • Allow the user learning data sovereignty
  • Fight against the monopoly of the Ed-Tech giants
  • Make recertification processes obsolete
  • Enable reputation of user's curricula instead of relying on academy branding
  • Knowledge verification by reputation plus verifiable learning path to combat the abuse of AI tools
  • Acknowledge authorship of the co-created learning materials
  • Support the quality of learning material and the quality of knowledge verification through a novel gamification process
  • Share the revenue among all of stakeholders who participated, such as: teachers, verifiers, content creators, content publishers, platform developers, etc.
  • Share ownership of the platform and contents

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The platform schema with the components that shows how it distributes revenue among stakeholders who have provided learning material, testing & verification and publishing services.

e-Learning DAO revenue stream

Project presentation and roadmap

Building a decentralised e-Learning platform on Cardano

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