Clay Mates

Clay collectible, stop-motion NFTs. Handmade, algorithmically assembled characters. Creating a metaverse called Clay Nation

The Clay Mates NFT collection have a large community built around them, aiming to strech the boundaries of the Web3 space through art and a passion for music, culture, and technology. Clay Mates have also released a collection in collaboration with Good Charlotte. Clay Mates, and Clay Nation, also make regular donations to charity.

The Clayverse: Clay Nation

A 'virtual environment with a festival atmosphere’. The Clayverse virtual world is called Clay Nation. Initially this will be just for the holders of Clay Mates NFT collection but, in the longer term, Clay Nation will be opened to guest pass holders and there are plans to host virtual and physical arts and cultural events.

The Clayverse will have 3 initial zones, Sonic Village, Underworld, and Baked Nation.

3D models of the Clay Mates NFT collection will be available to NFT holders and they will be able to "dress" their Clay characters.

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