Bynet Wallet

A non-custodial, open sourced, DeFi focused wallet for both Android and iOS, with plans to integrate a DEX and to operate across multiple chains.

The Bynet Wallet is a mobile wallet for Cardano, available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, with a simple and minimalist interface, and developed as a part of the Byron Network, a suite of DeFi applications.

The Bynet Wallet currently allows users to send, receive, and store ADA, Cardano native tokens, and NFTs (although it does not have the function to display NFT metadata e.g. their IPFS file).

Users of the Bynet Wallet can be used to create accounts on both the Cardano testnet and the Cardano mainnet.

Designed for Traders

The whole suite of Byron Network applications and tools are being developed for the world of DeFi; specifically for traders. With that in mind, the Bynet Wallet will eventually be integrated with the ByronDEX and users will be able to make trades directly in the wallet app itself.

In the future the Byron Network plans to make all of its applications work across multiple blockchains.


The Bynet Wallet allows users to secure their funds using the biometric data stored on their device, i.e. face ID or fingerprints, or by using a password. Users can opt to use both a password and biometric data to secure their funds.

Active Feedback Loop

The wallet’s creators are asking the community to assist them in deciding what feature should be added to the wallet in the near future and improvements are readily being deployed to the app. To make a suggestion, comment, or to report a bug users should join the Byron Network Discord.

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