A merchant payment solution allowing merchants to accept ADA as payment for their goods and services.

ADAPay has been developed by the "Currency Of The Internet" COTI; a ledger using directed acrylic graph, DAG, technology to engineer payment solutions for other chains.

When a merchant integrates ADA Pay into their online store ADA Pay it is offered to the customer as a payment option when they go to checkout.

If the user selects to pay with ADA Pay the user is presented with a QR code which they scan with their wallet to make the payment or they can copy the payment address over to their wallet, say they're using a browser extension, and pay that way.

Confirmation of the transaction confirms the payment. Voila! You've paid for your goods with ADA.

Immediately upon receiving an ADA payment the merchant will be able to stake the ADA.

eventually ADA Pay will be able to be integrated with POS system in physical stores

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