A unique easy to use platform that allows everybody to create an on-chain vote in the Cardano ecosystem.

All proposals and votes are stored publicly on-chain for verifiability, and the data specification will be published in an open source repository for everyone to see.

The initial Beta launch will be released with three different voting types:

  1. A ‘Simple’ vote, which allows anyone to vote, and uses the balance of ADA in your wallet on a specified snapshot date to determine your voting weight.
  2. A ‘Delegated’ vote, which is limited to users delegated to a particular stake pool, who’s vote weight will be dependent on the stake they have delegated to the pool on the snapshot date.
  3. A ‘PolicyID’ vote, which is limited to token holders of a particular policy ID. It supports both fungible and non-fungible tokens, and weights the votes according to the number of tokens held in the voter’s wallet.

On-chain voting has already been done a few times on Cardano, but what was missing was a publicly accessible and easy to use voting mechanism, so we decided to build it! We went the metadata approach, because we felt it was the most extensible, and the most transparent way to go.

We plan on launching in the next few weeks, with a limited beta which will consist of a single vote for the one famous NFT project. Next, we’ll open it up to a few more projects and stake pools, to widen the audience, and get a wider testing base (reach out to us if you want to be included in this:

Finally, we’ll open it up to everybody to use, so the community can start casting votes!

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