Veggie Mates

A collection of vegetable-based NFT characters with a focus on creating a healthy community. A 2nd collection, Junkies, is minted and a game is being developed.

The Veggie Mates NFT collection was initially created with a focus on creating a "healthy community focused on promoting better financial, physical, and mental wellness". The community that arose around the NFT collection were then party to voting on the future direction of the collection and its utility.

Since the launch of the Veggie Mates a storyline has been conceived, a second collection, Junkies (themed around junk foods), has been released, and a game is being created where these two collections do battle with each other.

A trailer video can be found on the Veggie Mates website giving the back story to the world of the Veggie Mates and Junkies.

Heath Focused NFTs

The Veggie Mates community regularly hold sessions of "Eat Your Vegetables" to discuss various topics including financial, physical, and mental health.

Wellness channels also exist in the Discord for the discussion of three types of wellness: financial wellness, physical wellness, and mental wellness. Community members who are active in these channels are rewarded for their participation.

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