unsigned_algorithms (unsigs)

Algorithmic art. Mathematically designing and generating art extractable from the blockchain, not metadata linked out to a location where the NFT is stored.

Mathematically designed and derived art living on the blockchain.

These 31,119 mathematically beautiful NFTs are just 0.06% of the 50m possible image outcomes resulting the parameters set by the artist. These NFTs are different from any NFTs produced before as they actually exist on the blockchain; their position there isn’t metadata linking you out to your NFT as an image file,

it is data which allows you to extrapolate the image directly from the Cardano blockchain. These NFTs are preserved entirely on the blockchain.

Generated using advanced programing algorithms in Python, these images can be generated in any desired resolution, ensuring that they keep up with any advances in imaging technology i.e 4K, 8K,16K etc. Making them, in a way, future proof. So long as the Cardano blockchain is operating you have access to your resolution scaling NFT.

Click here to view a video from the artist showing you how to generate your Unsigned Algorithm straight from the blockchain

Endless Possibilities

Whilst 50m combinations were possible from the algorithms used to produce these NFTs only just over 31k had suitably aesthetically pleasing combinations of geometrics and color juxtaposition qualifying them for commission in this collection. Squeezing the parameters further would have dulled the variables, allowing for less complex patterns, and producing fewer complexly unique NFTs.

Despite this small percentage of the whole, many of these NFTs connect together in a fluid nature and combining multiple of these NFTs can make up a much larger, more beautiful whole. But, because they’re minted randomly upon purchase there’s no saying that if you put two side-by-side NFTs that can be elegantly paired together.

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