The Galgos

A collection of hand drawn, non-randomized, and functional digital collectibles themed around the galgo fused with character from pop culture or real people.

Owners must name their galgo so they respond to commands; notably, galgos can also be renamed.

Galgos are more than just NFTs and can be outfitted with keys, of three colors: gold, silver, and bronze; to unlock chests of corresponding colors. These keys themselves can be combined to produce one multifunction black key.

Chests contain galgo tokens or galgo coins, which can also be earned as rewards for successful invites to the platform as well as through airdrops for Galgo NFT holders. These tokens and coins give the owner access to pre-drops, project voting, and have other special functionalities.

There is a solid community around these NFTs with the sharing of of keys and galgos between chest, key, and galgo owners being necessary for everyone to get what they want. The creator of the project also runs puzzles where the clues are scattered across multiple Cardano NFT channels.

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