StellarHood NFT

6505 interactive, on-chain NFTs based on real astronomical data, featuring the 99 closest celestial bodies to earth and all the known exoplanets in our galaxy.

The NFTs in the Stellar Hood collection allow the owner to explore the celestial body that has been coded into the blockchain. Each NFT is accompanied by informative stats, like a trading card character might be, unique to that particular celestial body.

There are three rarity categories in this collection of NFTs that are based on their real life rarity in the measured range:

  • Common (81%): Non-habitable Exoplanets and ordinary stars
  • Uncommon (16%): Objects in big star systems or nearby to rare objects
  • Rare (3%): Habitable exoplanets and rare star types!

Gamification for this collection is under development by the creator. With the owner of each NFT receiving special perks such as: alpha access, one time naming rights of their star system, and a unique NFT avatar.

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