SnowPunkz a fun and interactive NFT on the Cardano blockchain. A unique community driven Cardano NFT project.

We strive to build an NFT that rewards SnowPunk holders. Our interactive NFT's are hand-drawn scalable vector graphics. Generated programmatically from over 300.000.000 combinations. This means each and every SnowPunk is a unique being living on the Cardano blockchain.

SnowPunkz Lore

Global warming and rampant pollution have placed our world in jeopardy. The already damaged atmosphere continues to deteriorate at an increasingly rapid pace thanks to overuse of fossil fuels and general human ignorance.

Some of Earth’s creatures are doomed to extinction if this decline persists, particularly the snowmen. As the situation reached its tipping point, they decided to take action themselves, vowing to put an end to the madness. Knowing they couldn’t do this alone, the snowmen assembled all their pals, including those from distant worlds. They even went to the gates of hell to ensure they’d have all the help they needed to deal with the global challenge. But even with all their gathered aid, they were afraid they wouldn’t survive long enough to see their mission through to the end.

To avoid being lost forever before their chance at victory, they decided to merge themselves into the Cardano blockchain, going from snowmen to SnowPunkz. From there, they could move forward indefinitely, employing their own community’s resources, along with the those of the greater Cardano community, to stop the pollution and turn this predicament around. All the SnowPunkz need are a dedicated group of saviors to be their partners in arms. Purchase your SnowPunk now to ensure a future where the snowmen could return!

SnowPunkz CNFT staking

Our very own staking dashboard will be launching soon! From this dashboard, you will be able to stake your SnowPunkz CNFTs – but what does that mean? Staking your SnowPunkz will reward you with daily SnowFlake tokens. You can use these SnowFlake tokens in the SnowPunkz ecosystem to build clan items (NFTs) and more!

How to start staking

To start staking your SnowPunkz CNFTs, you will need to connect your wallet to the SnowPunkz Dashboard. A SnowPunkz CNFT listed on a secondary market can’t be staked, and a staked SnowPunkz CNFT can’t be listed. When your wallet is connected, you will be able to see your SnowPunkz CNFTs. By clicking on staking, you will start the process and interact with the smart contract. Once you’ve started staking, you will receive your SnowFlake rewards every 24 hours.

SnowPunkz ecosystem and clan items

The amount of SnowFlake tokens you receive depends on the clan of the NFT you have staked. Some clans deliver more SnowFlakes than others, while some clans receive a boost. Once you’ve staked your CNFT for 30 days, you’ll be able to start building your first clan item! You will have the option to build 3 types of clan items depending on which clan your staked OG SnowPunkz NFT belongs to, Building clan items require SnowFlakes to unlock. Every clan item that is build will become an actual CNFT.

Build in the SnowPunkz ecosystem

The clan items will be a separate CNFT collection with its own policy ID. To sustain the ecosystem, there will be a limited amount of clan items that can be built. This also means that each clan item can be sold on the secondary market and staked in the SnowPunkz Dashboard. Each clan item will have unique abilities that, when staked, will be unlocked to earn passive SnowFlakes. The profits will be based on which clan item you are staking.

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