Pocket Towne

A friendly oasis town where Pocketers can play games, socialize, and decorate their living space. Artist-centric with a focus on collaboration and NFT utility.

Why make Pocket Towne?

Our project is themed in a way that aims to bring in a broad player base, appealing to the casual and experienced gamer. When our vision is brought to life, it should bring people from outside of Cardano into our ecosystem. We wanted to be at the forefront of what can potentially give NFTs fundamental value beyond aesthetic appeal.

What makes it so special?

Our approach was unique from the beginning. We randomized and rarified over 500 traits with our hand-drawn genesis paper-doll NFTs. The NFT metadata contains the inventory you will have to customize your character at game launch. We began building our concept back in June of 2021 and completely skipped all of the early CNFT hype days in favor of putting attention to every detail of what we were building.

But...will it be fun?

This is the question we ask ourselves with every decision we make. We want an overworld that contains fun events and player areas. But, we will also feature easily accessed mini-games that can be played solo or with your friends. Our Cardano native asset, Pocket Change (PTC), will be used for an in-game currency. This will allow us to incentivize an active player base and establish a thriving in-game economy.

Take it down to Pocket Towne!

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