A functional programing consultancy of Haskell/Plutus programers offering development solutions and audits for Cardano projects at all stages of development.

Platonic.Systems are a traditional Haskell consultancy with a focus on Cardano. They are bringing decades of traditional software and protocol development from projects that exist outside, and long before, Cardano into the ecosystem. Platonic.Systems develop projects in-house and can complete every single part of an idea, developing it through from ideation to being user ready. Services that Platonic.Systems provide include:

  • Dev ops
  • Writing/building smart contracts
  • Off-chain components e.g. frontend development
  • Protocol testing and protocol level validation
  • Team management
  • Audits

Technologies and languages with which Plutonic.Systems are familiar include:

  • Haskell
  • Plutus
  • Nix
  • PureScript
  • Elm
  • Dyalog APL
  • Julia
  • Plython

Auditing Services

At Platonic.Systems they take a novel and through approach to auditing a platform. They do not just look at the smart contracts and code, but also break down the protocol and conduct a design level audit, where they look for exploits in the product design.

Alongside experienced engineers there is also a team of lateral thinkers including: logicians, economists, and a professional poker player. These memebers of the audit team help with compiling and conducting certain elements of the protocol audit.


The team at Platonic.Systems is distributed across both North American and European time zones and its members have an extensive background in traditional software development, that extended beyond blockchain, and now their bringing those skills to projects building on Cardano.

Ecosystem Contributions

Platonic.Systems have contributed to multiple open source libraries in the Cardano ecosystem, one of the most notable of those being the Plutarch repository in the Plutonomicon library of plutus smart contract tools.

Platonic.Systems are putting together a Plutus boot camp to train new developers.

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