Periodic Table of Elements on Cardano

A community owned “Periodic Table of the Elements” on the Cardano™ blockchain. ELEMENT Utility Token. is a complete, accurate and visually stimulating “Periodic Table of Elements” all living on the Cardano blockchain.

(3) main components:

  • Element Block NFTs
  • Website
  • ELEMENT Fungible Token

These assets come together to form a useful scientific document that can be used by anyone and is collectively owned by the community.

With this project we bring together science and art. We're taking a useful tool, The Periodic Table of Elements, and making it visually cool while still retaining its scientific properties. All this while making it a community owned project on the blockchain.

As this website and table are accessible to anyone, we hope to help spread the word about Cardano and related projects. All while offering a unique, visually stunning scientific tool.

Each element block on has a cool visually appealing design. This makes them both unique and a graphically stimulating piece of artwork. This is your chance to own one of these blocks in the form of an NFT. Only one copy for each of the 118 elements exist making them all 1 of 1 NFTs. By clicking on any one of the elements the user is taken to a page with more information about that particular element. This NFT owner is also the sponsor/owner of that corresponding URL. While the developers of the project remain in charge of the specific element information. These NFT owners have the option to publish content about their own projects, businesses or other information they’d like in a pre-determined space on the page. Finally, the ELEMENT fungible token acts as a currency and reward token tying the whole project together.

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