An NFT minting service for projects Building on Cardano. Offering a variety of mint types to suit different project’s wants and needs.

Peppermint’s services are as follows:

  • Airdrops - Looking to airdrop some WL tokens or simply want to mint and send NFTs to an address? We have packages starting from 1ada per NFT + network fees

  • Address Drop Mint - Are you an OG who remembers the days where you would drop an address in the discord and everyone would go mental? Well we can help you relive the past and provide a sales address for you to give to your community.

  • Full Scale Website Mint - This is our bread and butter. We build a fully customizable landing page to run your mint from. This is build specifically to handle heavy traffic. We believe this system is one of the best in the market and is perfect for hyped mints!

  • Token Creation - Looking to create a fungible token such as Hosky token or Stripper Coin? Then look no further. We can create the token with as large a supply as you'd like and then send out to specified wallet

  • Art Generation/Metadata - Getting metadata right is one of the most important things when launching your collection. We've seen it go wrong in the past and can really hurt a project. Our devs have created metadata for over 100 projects and can help walk you through the process

The peppermint service comes highly recommended by many projects in the Cardano space. For more information follow them on their Twitter and Discord.

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