A green and blue, earth-esque metaverse.

It is currently not possible to enter the Pavia metaverse as it is under development. All the land has been sold, but users can create avatars and Pavia Compatible Assets, PCA, a.k.a scenes and e.g. buildings, on 3rd party platforms.

Pavia Land

Plots of land are issued and owned as NFT. Users can create estates of parcels of land, 3x3 or larger, and can also tag their land parcels with their social media handles and their ADA $handles. There is also an inter-parcel messaging system, allowing land owners to contact other land owners in private.


Users can create their own Avatar for the Pavia metaverse, and can have it use a photo of their face to create a likeness of themselves. They can then customize most features of their avatar. This is V1 of the Avatar creator and features and variety are expected to be improve further down the line.

Avatars are made using tools from and if the user registers their avatar they can utilize them across multiple metaverses that integrate avatars created on the platform.

Native Residents?

Pavs are the native residents of the Pavia metaverse and these can be tracked down and caught as collectible NFTs.

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