NFTGater is a simple utility creator that allows anyone to monetize their work as NFTs without code, bridging web2 platforms with NFT ownership conditions.

What Does It Do? NFTGater lets you set various NFT ownership conditions as a gateway to the the web2 platforms you use now for content monetization, e-commerce, event management and more. A kind of If This Then That, for Cardano. You can, for example, monetize access to your film or animation through NFTs, on your own website, without any coding skills, and without giving up any revenue share at all.

How Does It Work? A custom version of the "OAuth process", the same process used in "Login with Google" and "Login with Facebook" widgets you see on various websites, facilitates a wallet connection and confirmation of available "gate keys" on a secure interstitial medium before the user is redirected. Your audience starts the authentication on your own website, and goes back to enjoy the exclusive content on your own website.

How Can I Get Involved? NFTGater is currently in open beta, it is ready to test and create useful token-gating experiments with. Access is free by registering with a wallet, and advanced features are available through a login token. You can visit to get started.

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