An NFT Content Delivery Service, allowing you to displaying Cardano NFTs efficiently and optimally across the worlds of the internet and applications.

The NFT Content Delivery Network provides a service for project builders to allow them to deliver NFT content to their users both faster and cheaper, significantly improving the end-user experience when compared to getting files from the IPFS

The Problem

NFT files sizes are unregulated and are an average of 4.7MB each. This can make retrieving them slow and sluggish (especially when there are many of them, say in a wallet) and it can even costly to those who pay by the GB for their internet connection. Supplying these images to users can also be very costly for companies who do not run their own infrastructure.

The Solution

The NFT Content Delivery Network is building a worldwide Content Delivery Network to allow for image caching closer to the source of the request, allowing dApps that connect through their API to service those requests quicker and cheaper with images that automatically format for the application they’re arriving in.

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