Musical NFT that are algorithmically composed "music boxes".

Music touches us emotionally, where images and words alone can't. MusicBox explores the combination of sound & technology and what emotions a programmatically generated piece of music can evoke.

A Cardano Blockchain integrated Algorithmic Composition Inspired by Musicians & Sound Enthusiasts

A team of five. Two music and sound enthusiasts, two experienced developers, one NFT trader & a Cardano Enthusiast.

Our idea was sparked in the wake of the global pandemics' disastrous effects on the music and art industries.

Inspired by other projects on Cardano, our algorithm was written with melody and randomness in mind to create unique and yet familiar compositions to touch both familiar and unfamiliar ears. With the blockchain technology of Cardano, these sounds and melodies will be preserved and exchanged by fellow music and sound enthusiasts.

We will have themed music boxes releasing alongside "classical" ones during the months to come. Each drop will include new sounds and atmospheres.

Proceeds from each drop will go towards different organizations related to the theme of each drop.

We hope you will enjoy this project as much as we do. MusicBox team.

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