Hosky Token

The self described "premiere low quality s#!t coin doggo meme token" on Cardano. Community contributor in every way yet in no way at all.

A Less-Than Elevator Pitch for a Less-Than Memecoin

Hosky Token posts humorous, sarcastic, introspective content to Twitter. Most likely for their own entertainment, but maybe (just maybe) to keep the Cardano community buoyant with a little humor.

They’re not all jokes though. Alongside their humor they highlight projects that perform misleading actions and call out those that conduct downright improper business in the Cardano space.

Throughout it all they always stay true to their shit coin status and zero value premise.

An all-round, good intentioned Cardano troll (although they wouldn’t tell you that themselves)

What’s Hosky Token About?

Instead of a regular whitepaper Hosky released a "Brown Paw-per" (guess what makes it brown💩) where it tells us that Hoskey Token was created due to the lack of low quality, shit coin meme tokens in Cardano.

No technical details are provided 1. because they’re not that way inclined, and 2. because they don’t exist.


There are 1 Quadrillion Hoskey in existence and 50% of them were sent directly to "The Master" (Charles Hoskinson), a play on the many people in Cardano who have come to worship him.

For the rest the them:

  • 30% of them have an undecided use case
  • 5% was given to the founders
  • 5% was made available through a faucet on the website
  • 5% was allocated for distribution by Stake Pool Operators, SPOs
  • 5% is being used to grow their immense collection of memes


Yes! Hosky gotta poop somewhere and it seems that a Hosky poops (because what dog can print, let alone an anonymous, pixilated internet dog) shitty, useless meme PNGs.

C(ash grab)NFTs

Pixelated PNG NFTs described by the creators and "the least exclusive, lowest quality, largest cash grab on Cardano. Not art, just printing PNGs." These NFTs have no utility, just look at the name.


A cross-chain NFT collaboration with ERGnomes. The advice from Hosky is not to buy them. Obviously.

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