A multi-chain, non-custodial, light wallet offering support for sending, receiving, and staking ADA.

Guarda is a multi-chain wallet facilitating the storage, trading, and transfer of many of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Guarda is available as a browser extension (Chrome and Brave), a mobile app (IOS and Android), and as a desktop app (MacOS, Windows, and Linux).

A user's private keys are encrypted in their password and they need to store a .txt file in a secure location that acts as a backup for all their Gurada accounts. Whilst this wallet is non-custodial this way of storing the backup to all your coins (in a plain text file on a computer) is not at all a secure way of backing up your crypto holdings.

Using the Guarda wallet users can:

  • Can send, receive, and stake their ADA
  • Exchange ADA for other cryptocurrencies supported by the wallet

It should be noted that users can only stake to the Guarda pool and cannot select another staking option.

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