Cardano Travel


  • Kubecoin

    A coin for the travel and leisure industry, incentivizing users on the already operating and expanding, surprise trips platform FlyKube and other platforms

    Kubecoin, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • Chacra Mithrandir

    Chacra Mithrandir is a location in the Cordoba, Argentina where you can enjoy a wide range of recreational ecologic activities and use ADA and Mithr Tokens.

    Chacra Mithrandir, Cardano Industry Solutions.
    Chacra Mithrandir
  • Frescos

    A collection of 999 1/1 hand drawn digital paintings. Holders benefit from discounts and upgrades for partnered hotels.

    Frescos, Cardano NFT Collections.
  • AirportNFT

    Engage in the new era of Cardano. If you're passionate about crypto, travel, and everything in between, you have arrived at your destination.

    AirportNFT, Cardano NFT Collections.