Cardano Strategy


  • Mocossi

    Far beyond an NFT collection, Mocossi will soon be a "Play and Earn" virtual pet game and farming simulation game on Cardano Blockchain.

    Mocossi, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • ZiberBugs

    ZiberBugs is a PvP focused, competitive autobattler created for gamers, aspiring to greatly increase the number of professional gamers in the world.

    ZiberBugs, Cardano Games & Gaming.
  • World of Pirates

    A turn-based, strategy NFT game where players can influence the game's direction and have an impact on the game world's problems.

    World of Pirates, Cardano Games & Gaming.
    World of Pirates
  • MechVerse

    A blockchain-enabled fictional universe inspired in “near future space exploration“. A strategy, NFT game.

    MechVerse, Cardano Games & Gaming.

    An NFT Collectible Card Game or Trading Card Game (CCG/TCG), with engaging gameplay that includes factions of serial killers, law, and pedestrians.

    PSYCHOZ, Cardano Games & Gaming.