Cardano Startup


  • NGTR

    NFTGater is a simple utility creator that allows anyone to monetize their work as NFTs without code, bridging web2 platforms with NFT ownership conditions.

    NGTR, Cardano Stake Pool.
  • CardanoPress

    CardanoPress is a plugin for WordPress that allows any WordPress powered website to connect the Cardano blockchain and build DApp style websites with no code.

    CardanoPress, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • $Mark

    This Web 3.0 Education Coin pays every student on Earth just for studying and doing well in school.

    $Mark, Cardano Industry Solutions.
  • cBilling

    Accept crypto payments, grow your business With our safe and easy-to-use crypto payment gateway, we enable your business to accept crypto payments and quickly

    cBilling, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • Pop Up World Token

    Pop Up World is a digital platform launched in 2020 that helps start-ups and small businesses “reach for the stars”.

    Pop Up World Token, Cardano Project Building Resources.
    Pop Up World Token