Cardano Guides


  • Big Pey

    Big Pey dishes up content that includes interviews with some of the largest projects in the ecosystem, and content that breaks down hot topics in Cardano.

    Big Pey, Cardano Community & Learning.
    Big Pey
  • Cardano-howto

    Step-by-step guides for setting up a Cardano relay, as well as building cardano-node and libsecp256k1 as deb packages.

    Cardano-howto, Cardano Stake Pool Operator Tools.
  • Simple Cardano

    We explain all you need to know about blockchain and Cardano, simply.

    Simple Cardano, Cardano Community & Learning.
    Simple Cardano
  • Nerd Out

    A highly informative YouTube channel where technical topics are broken down in a simple manner. Also with guides and deep dive interviews with Cardano projects.

    Nerd Out, Cardano Community & Learning.
    Nerd Out
  • Vrooli

    A decentralized, collaborative automation platform to minimize the time between the inception of an idea and its development into a fully-functional product.

    Vrooli, Cardano Project Building Resources.
  • Guild Operators

    A community built repository and supporting documentation that help to simplify multiple processes involved in setting up, managing, and monitoring a stake pool

    Guild Operators, Cardano Stake Pool Operator Tools.
    Guild Operators