A collection of 10,000 unique, code-generated, and interactive NFTs. The website features a marketplace for purchase and selling the collections.

DEADPXLZ were created by Adrian Fanatiu, a designer, programmer and project manager who wanted to make “something truly unique” and not just another digital art NFT. He started looking toward more interactive options and then created the first HTML encoded, i.e. interactive, NFTs on the Cardano blockchain; DEADPXLZ

The DEADPXLZ collection features 10,000 crudely constructed faces of pixels, each with its own attributes and 3 different moods.

These moods are: happy, neutral, and sad; and if the NFT is happy it starts winking at you ;) When you click your NFT the background changes, as does the mood. Each NFT can have up to 8 attributes (related to its design) and these can be viewed by double clicking the NFT.

When viewing the attributes it tells you how common they are amongst the collection and there are 69 different attributes which are utilized throughout the collection. The whole collection is viewable on the website and they are all IPFS-hosted, meaning that the owner can always view their NFT.

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