A credit card sized hardware wallet, connected to through an encrypted bluetooth connection, offering native support for ADA and many other cryptocurrencies.

CoolWallet Pro is the model that supports ADA and the Cardano network.

Users connect to their wallet via an encrypted bluetooth connection and interact with their accounts in a mobile app—available for both Android and iOS devices.

The CoolWallet hardware wallet has a built in LCD screen, a hidden confirmation button, and charging pins for charging in the provided charging port. A full charge offers up to 3 months of standby time. The wallet is also waterproof.

In the Coolwallet app users can exchange multiple supported assets for each other through 3rd party providers. Coolwallet can also be used to connect to DeFi and dApps through the popular WalletConnect protocol. Users have to confirm every transaction by physically pressing the hidden button on their hardware wallet.

CoolWallet secures users funds through an encrypted bluetooth connection and the use of biometrics or pin codes in the moblie app.

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