Cardano Native Token Builder

An automized token creator which allows you to mint Cardano Native Tokens and NFTs.

If one is unfamiliar with token creation the creator of this tool has created a Playground on the testnet so users can test-create their tokens so that they get it right first time on the mainnet.

It costs around 5ADA to create tokens on the Cardano Native Token Builder, and the whole process takes around 5 minutes; the tokens will appear in your wallet and are ready to be used.

Cardano Native Tokens

When creating a Cardano native token you choose the token symbol and quantity during the process of creation. Currently, Cardano Native Tokens minted through this platform are not automatically registered on the Cardano Token Registry, the official token registry for Cardano, but users can contact the platform’s creator and they will assist them. Automatic token registration will be featured in future versions.


For NFTs the user sends the asset they want in their NFT, image, audio or video up to 15mb in size, through the tool to the creator who uploads it to the InterPlanetary File System, IPFS, for them. It is currently not possible to mint NFT collections using this tool.

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