Two seasons of Marijuana themed avatars that can be used in an on-chain Grow Your Own Adventure game to earn the platform's native token.

Cardano Budz released their NFT collections as two distinct harvests, both artistically different from one another. Each of these is given it's own "strain", which is important for Grow Your Own Adventure (GYOA) game. They also produce on of the first collections of Cardano NFT themed merch and Cardano Budz themed rolling papers.

A Game: Grow Your Own Adventure

The GYOA game allows users to use these NFTs as assets to grow their own strains of marijuana in their digital wallet.

A Cardano Budz harvest asset, some of the games native token, and ada are all that is needed to play this game. Users purchase a harvest kit and then, in realtime, need to provide their plant with Light, water, and nutrients; these are paid for using the platform's native token.

For completing the growing users are rewarded with an algorithmically determined amount of the platforms native tokens and some more seeds to plant for their next rounds. The more rounds of GYOA that a user completes the higher their ranking and the more abilities they have in the game, such as becoming the sole distributor of a certain type of seed.

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