Boop Pop

Boop pop is a project of collectible NFTs backed by a Comic and rewards with a lottery on ADA Cardano

Dr. Teus is a scientist who has dedicated his entire life to science and studying intergalactic travel. He has been persecuted and silenced for his discoveries and inventions. but after a long time, Dr. has invented a device that allows interdimensional travel to travel through all space. His first trips were disastrous and fraught with danger, so Dr. experimenting with alien DNA created two creatures, Boop and Popper, to be his traveling companions. They would travel to other planets in search of civilizations, technology and information to tell everyone on Earth. The Boop Pop NFTs collection and the digital Comic tell the adventures of our characters. In addition, each NFT purchased serves as a lottery ticket for the weekly draws. Boop Pop will allocate 50% of the sales income to distribute in lottery and extra prizes. In short, the Boop Pop project is: NFT + Comic + Lottery in ADA

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