Beyond Rockets City

Beyond Rockets City is an ecosystem of NFTs existing on top of the Cardano blockchain.

Currently in a 1.0 version there is limited scope to what is available compared to the overall plan for Beyond Rockets City. The current locations users can purchase their Beyond Rocket City properties, i.e. NFTs, are:

Cardano Tower: A 100 story tower with 4 rooms on each floor. Each room is themed but only a few have been released. As the city expands more rooms will be released and citizens (users) will be able to suggest themes for the future rooms.

ADAville: Outside of the city is a village of houses. Totaling 400 home with 10 different house designs, with each design having two variations. Some houses are grander or rarer than others.

Special Locations: Special locations, such as supermarkets and cinemas, around the city will be auctioned off.

In the future users will be able to buy items, vehicles, avatars and more in Beyond Rockets City.

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