The BEACHMASTER CLUB CNFT Collection is a limited edition of 10,000 pieces released on the secure and decentralized Cardano blockchain.

This collection offers art collectors and investors the opportunity to own a valuable piece of art while also making a contribution to the protection of our oceans.

10% of the revenue from the sale of the BBEACHMASTER CLUB CNFT Collection will be donated to organizations dedicated to protecting the oceans and its inhabitants. This is a chance for us to make a difference and contribute positively to the environment.

Not only that, buyers of the BEACHMASTER CLUB CNFTs will also enjoy royalties from future sales. This means that each NFT can be a continuous source of income that will have value in the future as well.

Overall, the BEACHMASTER CLUB CNFT Collection offers a unique opportunity to collect digital art while also contributing to the protection of our oceans. Be part of this remarkable collection and support an important cause at the same time.

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