A non-custodial, light wallet for Cardano, offering hardware wallet support.

AdaLite was created by Vacuumlabs and supports both Trezor and Ledger hardware wallets (all models may not be supported). On the AdaLite interface users can view their total account balance in ADA, Euros, and USD. Users of AdaLite can:

  • Send, store, and receive ADA and tokens
  • Delegate ADA to a stake pool
  • Register to vote in Project Catalyst
  • Have multiple accounts associated with the same mnemonic (but not with each other, also allowing the user to delegate to multiple stake pools)

Delegating stake in AdaLite wallet isn't an overly user friendly experience and the user must find and import the "Stake Pool ID" which looks something like this:


AdaLite also contains a stake pool owner function, allowing stake pool owners to better protect their private key by storing them securely inside a hardware wallet.

Moving Wallets to and From AdaLite

Wallets generated using the AdaLite platform can be imported to Yoroi or Daedalus using the wallet's mnemonic phrase. However they recommend against moving wallets in the other direction i.e. from Daedalus or Yoroi into an AdaLite wallet.

Also, if a user has multiple accounts in AdaLite only account #1, and its balance, will show up when they import their AdaLite wallet to a wallet that doesn't support multiple accounts. So users are advised to consolidate their accounts before moving them to another wallet provider.

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