World of Cardano

A fantasy based metaverse with four different Kingdoms.

The World of Cardano has not only been created as a world but it also has it’s own backstory, and is said to be home to the many mystical creatures for the Four Timeless Kingdoms that make up the World of Cardano. These Kingdoms are:

  • Skykapi - Land above the Clouds
  • Uristduhn - Land of Abundance
  • Moodfell - Land in the Shadows
  • Thandor - The unknown Land

The Story of the World of Cardano

The four Kingdoms of this world have lived side-by-side since the beginning of time. However, the last 2 millennia have consisted of two millennia of all out warfare across all four Kingdoms.

Peace has finally be agreed because another generation of war would have surely assured destruction for all the inhabitants of the four Kingdoms of the World of Cardano. Peace now reigns across the lands.

Land parcels are being developed and are they are released work will begin on tools, avatars, and scenery items that users will be able to add to their plot.


Specials crystals have been released to some of the projects early supporters via Discord and these crystals will be some of the rarest objects in the World of Cardano. The implementation and use of these crystals in the World of Cardano metaverse is not going to be released until much closer to their integration into the metaverse.

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