The CHROMA Token

CHROMA is the token used by the ColorFuse NFT project for staking rewards, liquidity and more. ColorFuse NFT holders will receive CHROMA as rewards.

CHROMA Token ICO & Initial Distribution:

The first airdrop will take place on (7-13-2023) to all current holders of at least one ColorFuse NFT. This airdrop will include 20% of the available tokens, given all NFTs are purchased. This 20% or 700,000 total tokens will go only to wallets holding a ColorFuse NFT on this day. The more rare your ColorFuse NFT, the more CHROMA you will receive from this 20% supply. If all NFTs are not sold by the date above, more airdrops may take place in the future until the allocated 20% CHROMA are given out. (See tokenomics below for more details on CHROMA).

How to Join the Airdrop…

Purchase a ColorFuse NFT and be holding this NFT in your wallet on 7-13-2023. That’s it! A snapshot will take place on this day, and CHROMA tokens will be distributed shortly after.

AirDrop Breakdown:

700,000 tokens or 20% of total supply designated for airdrop. The more rare the NFT the more Chroma tokens you will receive. Below shows the amount of CHROMA given/airdropped per NFT depending on rarity variation.

Chilled : 1,400 CHROMA tokens per NFT

Moonlit : 2,800 CHROMA tokens per NFT

Vivid : 7,000 CHROMA tokens per NFT

Radiant : 14,000 CHROMA tokens per NFT

Solar : 25,000 CHROMA tokens per NFT

Staking & Liquidity: Shortly after the airdrop staking and liquidity are planned.

CHROMA Tokenomics: A low fixed supply of 3,500,000 (3.5 million) CHROMA tokens exist.

Official Launch Date: 7-13-2023 (Max supply already minted) Total Supply: 3,500,000 Max Supply: 3,500,000 Type: Fixed Supply Blockchain: Cardano Symbol: CHROMA Policy ID: 4d8469c80677574a5dd23b0fdd0eb0057fb6ce4e20cf21c7e8655f95

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