Testnet (tADA) Faucet

A faucet for tADA for those testing tools on the Cardano testnet, so they don't have to spend real ADA to test products, services, and tools.

tADA, also known as testnet ADA, has no real 'value' but allow users to test products, services, and tools being built on Cardano without putting their real, mainchain ADA at risk. tADA only exists on the testnet and cannot be transferred to the mainchain. Vice versa, real ADA cannot be sent to the testnet.

Testnet address are identified by the fact that they begin with addr_test1 instead of addr1.

Users receive 1000tADA per transaction from the testnet faucet.

Please return all tADA to the address at the bottom of the linked page to allow other to continue testing their products, services, and tools on the Cardano testnet.

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