Incentivizing Cardano Testnets


We have a rare opportunity to improve the engagement of our two new Testnets; Preview and PreProd With the Vasil hardfork, Cardano received two new Testnet environments for experimentation and development. The legacy Testnet was used sporadically and primarily by developers and was shut down. TestnetCoins introduces new mainnet tokens that will provide rewards for community Testers and SPOs. These new reward tokens will be given for "Proof of Participation" to create an enhanced incentive. Because tADA on the Testnets have no value in ADA, these new TestnetCoin reward tokens will create real value and an incentive similar to mainnet. If we do this correctly, we can create a mini version of mainnet economy that is more valued by the Cardano community. For Example: Testing protocol parameter changes on Testnet may be possible with real human behavior and monetary value. This is the goal of TestnetCoins.

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