The Art Bank operates a single-operated creative stake pool that invests in Web3 creators.

The Art Bank uses the proceeds from its stake pool (TAB) to support creators on Cardano. We buy and hold art. We interview and publish written and video interviews of the creators and go the extra mile to promote the artists. On top of this, we onboard new artists and get them situated in the Cardano ecosystem.

Stake Pool Booster

The Art Bank is also part of the Stake Pool Booster. This means that delegators with 1,000+ ADA staked with the Art Bank can expect to earn an additional 0.2%-1.0% APY or, in layman's terms, nearly 20% more than the average stake pool that can be claimed each month with the stake pool booster. This means delegators earn more rewards staking with the Art Bank than they would with your average stake pool while supporting a creative ecosystem, commitment, and community.

Stake With The Art Bank

The Art Bank is leading the way for creative stake pools on Cardano. If you’re a creator or collector, we encourage you to become part of the creative drive and support a stake pool with a mission and vision.

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