Project Graveyard

Not everyone makes it. Here projects are put to rest so those who come after can see who's shoulders they're stand on.

Side note: Read the following in your preferred Presidential tone of voice

Here lie the projects who, sadly, met a premature end.

Some of these were scams, with their prematures ends weaved deeply into their cruel plans of deceit as they designed to trick the people of the world into handing over their investments in good faith. we bid no farewells to these pseudo-projects. We shall shed no tears over their demise. We shall offer them no parting words besides: GOOD RIDDANCE!!

But this is not about them. This internet monument has been erected to pay tribute to all the projects who tried. To those who tried, in good faith, to provide services to the Cardinians of the world. Those who fought boldly -and with hope!- against day jobs and grueling 9-5s. Those who drove onwards with relenting passions, striving to go where no projects may have gone before! Those who followed their innate desires to have an impact on this world we call home; and to make it a better place for all. And we thank you.

You are those who did not make it. Those who did not manage to overcome the hurdle of profitability, or investment, or any other term which our capitalist society deems that it can use to define success. To those listed here we tell you: you were a success. You were a success because you tried. You were a success because it is your shoulder's on which the projects we use today stand. You were a success because, in order for us all to make it, someone had to fail. We thank you.

Farewell dear projects. You will forever be embossed here: in 1s and 0s interpreted as letters on a screen. Thank you.

To those of us that remain:

Let us proceed together apace.

ADA Calculators POOL TOOLS

3 dynamic calculators allowing users to understand the potential value of ADA holdings in the future. NFT TOOLS

A tool for minting Cardano Native Tokens and NFTs with plans to build an NFT sales and auctions platform.

WrapAssets DEFI

A token wrapping service for the Cardano blockchain, beginning by offering wrapping of some of the largest and most popular crypto assets.


An orderbook style DEX that never got off the ground.

UpWage Token

Using Crypto Raffles and selling NFTs to generate revenue that will be used to Airdrop tokens to NGO identified impoverished people.

Colizeum GAMES

Blockchain based gaming SDK enabling: tournaments, in-game advertising, and tournament betting. Allowing games to better benefit their developers and gamers.

Fanance DEFI

A proposed DEX for (unofficial) stocks in sports players. Also aiming to feature a sports prediction market.


Rug Pulled NFT project.

Flickto MEDIA

A media project launchpad funding the next generation of Film, TV and Streaming content creators, where token holders choose who gets funded.

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