A Shangri-La for Cardano NFTs

Paradiso is an NFT marketplace crafted on the Cardano blockchain. With smart contracts and non-custodial browser-based wallet technology at our core, Paradiso provides users with a decentralized platform to mint, distribute, buy, and sell digital assets.

Through our fast, intuitive user-interface, you can easily:

  • Mint assets directly from your in-browser wallet
  • Preserve content on IPFS
  • Create and manage collections
  • Setup social profiles
  • Buy and sell assets via smart contract
  • Use CIP-27 royalty payments

With the rise of Web3, it is truly an exciting time for computing. Many years in the making, an emergent, decentralized layer of the Internet continues to widen in reach. As we believe that financial sovereignty for all is absolutely imperative to deliver as digital trade progresses into the future, Paradiso could not be happier to be building our technologies on Cardano.

We look forward to building a sovereign, decentralized future together.

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