Nut Link

1st generation Cardano oracles, connecting your nuts to squirrels since epoch 228.

The oracles have been recording external data to the blockchain since Epoch 228 ( November 6-11, 2020) and you can view this data, realtime or historically, directly on the blockchain.

Data points are currently posted -approximately- once an hour to the Cardano mainnet. these data points include:

  • ADABTC (Coingecko)
  • ADAEUR (Coingecko)
  • ADAUSD (Coingecko)
  • ADAUSD (Ergo oracle pools)
  • AGIBTC (Coingecko)
  • BTCDIFF (Trezor's blockbook)
  • BTCUSD (Coingecko)
  • ERGUSD (Coingecko)
  • ERGUSD (Ergo oracle pools)
  • TSLA (Investors exchange)
  • DRAND (League of Entropy randomnoess beacon)

New data points can be requested by contacting the operator.

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