NFTs with a gamification element and rewards in NAWOT tokens for winners. NFT holders can play a "Win the Bank" game, and slots and poker are under development

NAWOT is creating an autonomous ecosystem where members, called NAWOT’S, can collect and play games in the NAWOT metaverse. There are 10,000 NAWOT NFTs that will exist and one of these is needed to participate in the first game: NAWOT DISCOVERY SERIES.


NAWOT tokens are required to play games. The first will be the NAWOT DISCOVERY SERIES. Each community member that holds a NAWOT NFT can participate and will have a chance to will 10% of the overall supply of NAWOT tokens. 4 clues will be given over 4 weeks and the answers will need to be entered into the password page on the website to “win the $NAWOT BANK”.

Two other games, NAWOT NFT Slots and NAWOT Poker are in production. NAWOT tokens are needed to play both, and winners in the slots can win NAWOT NFTs.

Their roadmap mentions a NAWOT Swap for November of 2021 however there is no mention of a swap in the whitepaper whatsoever.

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