Merkaba Token

A token created by a producer and vendor of hemp products with the aim of it being used as payment for their's and other products in their's and other stores.

The Merkaba Token is the brain child of the Merkaba Hemp Collective, a sustainably minded community producing, purchasing, and distributing hemp based products in their home country of New Zealand.

The Merkaba Hemp Collective have seen the big move toward digital cash in our society and, in line with that, they've seen a large reduction the amount of cash being used in their local area. This inspired them to create the Merkaba Token, for which they have the vision of being use as a currency for the purchase of goods, much like the fiat money of today is. The token's creators are aiming to create a wide enough circulation of the Merkaba Token so that it becomes readily accepted. To do this they are first going to start accepting the token on their online store.

Token Release and Use Cases

The Merkaba token is being released through various methods aiming to reach a wide range of users, incentivize holders, and encouraging stable growth.

Merkaba Hemp Collective are going to release their products internationally, and to then accept the Merkaba token as payment for those products through their website.

Once this is all set up and working through the merchants that sell Merkaba products they will the approach other, like minded collections and communities to expand the use and acceptance of Merkaba as a payment for goods and services.

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