The Language of Cardano

A visual exploration of the language used in the cardano ecosystem.

In our first foray into mapping the Cardano ecosystem we chose to utilize the words used by both the Cardano community and the projects building on Cardano to dictate how we present the ecosystem. There are no guidelines for organizing a decentralized world… So, for lack of a better starting point, we utilized the wisdom of the crowd to help define that world.

We found that the language used in the Cardano ecosystem creates a two-tiered structure. The highest level is that of Industry, where people talk and relate to parts of the ecosystem on a more general level. The second level is that of a more unique language, which we gave the title of Tags. Parts of this second tier of the language of Cardano are highly specific, maybe relating to only a few projects in a particular industry. Other parts are applicable to, and used by, multiple projects in an industry; and there are other elements of the language of Cardano that transcend and cross industry borders.

When we organize the ecosystem with a focus on the language, and exclude project names, we discover a new set of interconnecting webs.

We created this graphic machine to help with visualizing and sharing this language based data. Click below to explore all the language connections and possibilities!

These graphics update in real-time as our database grows and you can download and share as many graphics as you wish.

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Measuring Mass

Words are more than letters and sounds, each word carries its own weight. Here we consider a term’s individual weight when comparing it to the language used across the Cardano ecosystem. Measuring by weight is a way we can use the language of Cardano to try and better understand the Cardano ecosystem.

Here we pull data points relative to a specific word’s mass. The largest figure is the term’s ecosystem dominance, or percentage of total projects in the ecosystem who use that term. Next is shown the most popular terms among those projects that associate with the main term.

Finally, we show all the logos from the projects that are associated with that term.