An open-sourced resource of CSKs, APis, and other tools designed to facilitate developer learning and the development and launch of proof of concept.

More than just open sourcing their code, Gimbalabs is open sourced in the way it operates. It is a collaborative platform for tools, lessons, and other resources that new and veteran developers on Cardano can learn from. Gimbalabs’ desire is to be an entry point for developers to participate in Cardano, with a focus on fostering connections between people.

For newcomers Gimbalabs offers free interfaces, allowing them to explore their ideas and launch proof of concept. What Gimbalabs offers includes:

Cardano Starter Kits (CSKs)

CSKs work in double time, allowing users to learn and produce real-world outcomes at the same time. The idea is grounded in the understanding that “we learn best through experiential learning”. These project based learning opportunities vary in complexity from beginner to expert and include:

  • Smart contract code
  • Voting apparatus
  • Guided learning materials
  • Implementation tips

Dandelion APIs

Dandelion APIs are the centerpiece of Gimbalabs and are a suite of free APIs that facilitate building on top of Cardano by minimizing the time it takes to go from an idea to a working prototype. They are hosted here and include APIs for:

  • Gathering basic information from the blockchain
  • Sending signed transactions to the blockchain
  • Gathering composed information from the blockchain
  • Gathering live blockchain information directly from a cardano node
  • Performing SQL queries to gather information from the blockchain
  • Integrating with the blockchain

Gimbalabs Playground

A developing developer space for shared intuition. This is a meeting structure and a set of tools focused around building a community. Every Tuesday 4pm UTC there is an open meeting discussing current projects and forming teams to continue building. The aim is to design tools to fit specific use cases and then make them accessible to anyone.

Education Tool

These are there for aspiring developers on the Cardano network and they include:

An Introduction to development courses Coding on Chain - a video series displaying the journey into blockchain an decentralized development Education marketing workshops

Community members can also contribute their own APIs and CSKs to the Gimbalabs open sourced library of APIs and CSKs.

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