An NFT marketplace, created by the Ghostchain NFT project, for fixed price NFT sales.

The FreeRoam marketplace was created by the Ghostchain NFT project, and aims to showcase Cardano NFTs at their very best.

They title themselves as "the most decentralized marketplace on Cardano" but it is unclear in what sense they’re talking about decentralization, this writer could not find a DAO to speak of that manages the direction of the marketplace, or any form of higher level decentralization than other marketplaces out there.

Browsing the FreeRoam NFT Marketplace

The FreeRoam NFT marketplace is very easy to navigate. It can be browsed by NFT collection, and can also be explored by categories which group like NFTs together, examples include: art, music, play-to-earn, and utility.

The marketplace tab takes users to the search function and starts by showing them the most recent NFTs posted for sale on the marketplace.

A "Trending" section highlights the biggest trends in Cardano NFTs.


a 2% fee is charged on an NFT sale (Although it is not clear if the buyer or seller pays this) and holders of the creator's NFT collection, Ghostchain, get a reduction in fees depending on the rarity of the Ghostchain NFT they hold in their wallet. 5 rarities range from common (1.8% fees) to VOID (0.5%) platform fees. The Ghostchain NFT has to be in the wallet they are using to perform the trade on the FreeRoam marketplace.

Every Ghost from the Ghostchain NFT collection gets a 0.01% profit share, distributed each quarter to the wallet that the ghost is sitting in.

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